About exesanctum

Sanctum is a friendly social guild, that atm (july) focuse on ICC 10 and ICC25. We will in due time start to raid RS 10 and RS 25 (August) when all our guilders have returned from thier well decerved vacation. 

Sanctum are open to all that are committed to the guild, but we have some roules you MUST KNOW as a member and as a potential member!

1) We tolerate NO emotionell gamers, we can all become mad and dissapointed but we say sorry and moove on.

2) We love to vipe! Love is maybee a strong word but people learn from douing mistakes, and when we vipe one or more made a mistake, learn from it and tell the raid what you did wrond before we say to you wath you did....

3) Respect your guilders, thay may or may not have a life beside WoW but be on time when we raid!

4) I love this game, and have a lot of fin with it, so REMEMBER It's "just" a game so HAVE FUNN.....


Sanctum used to be a PvE guild that tried to do some ICC10, without the biggest process. After 1,5 month and vacation time we have a group of committed people raiding ICC weekly, once all 10 are back this will be the team taking down LK.

Tanks: Darkinight (DK), Tyrious (DK)

Healers: Mirandaa (Priest), Ikska(Sham), ??

Melee: Laitar (Warrior), Tjaladin (Pala)

Ranged: Exeshadow (Priest), Michaelkj (Hunter), Djeserit (WL)


The goal is to raid ICC10 with 3 different teams, each team will be unchanged for 2 weeks time so guilders can get to learn each other gamingstyle and get mag progress, each 3 week all teams will be random seleckted on the guildmeeting so all get a change to raid with the best in the guild and in that way fight your way in to the A-Team. "ALL" in A-Team can be replaced by a superior gamer (not EXE (me) or Michaelkj).

A-Team: We are the core of the guild, most have nothing to gain in ICC10 exept the titel and achivement KingSlayer. GS (who cares) is around 6000 for all in this group.

"B"-Team: I see no reason why this team should not challange the A-Team for the titel as KingSlayers, Barkbaut (assist General) will arrange ICC10, "B"-Team are for alts we all have that didn't get a spot for some reason in the A-Team.

C-Team: Is for people still gearing up, there will be elite raiders joining (slackers) and the weeklay goal is to down 6 bosses and progress on PP, ect.


We have 3 teams for ICC10 be course we want to do ICC25 as guildruns, we are currently nr 35 on the server including ALLY, is we count Horde we are the 17 best ICC25 guild alreaddy!

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